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Elsewhere in recent conversations, we’ve been talking about “mirror neurons” in the context of empathy. But imitation (or mimesis) is not limited to the brain’s ability to echo or reflect emotional states detected in others. Let’s zoom out and take a broader look at the phenomenon of mimesis. Contagion (or mimesis) is an insightful sociological […]

Classic Knols from Barry Kort

Herewith are the articles I originally posted on Google Knol. System Doom Chaotic Flights of Fancy August 17, 2011 · Knols,System Doom The Bell System was the single most extraordinary example of a highly functional system ever crafted by humankind. This essay compares Theodore Vail’s Bell System to Henri Poincaré’s Solar System and offers some insight into the […]

Sabina Spielrein

Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalytic Research

Forgotten Pioneer of Psychoanalytic Research Who was Sabina Spielrein? What role did she play in the early years of psychoanalytic research and in the development of new ideas and methods for educating children? This brief article summarizes information compiled by a colleague of mine who has declined to append his name to the information presented […]

Building Community

This knol presents ideas first introduced in 1994 on a three-stage model of community building that I call “Communitas”. For the past 20 years, I have been building online educational communities for children and adults.  In this work, I have noticed a 3-layered model, that I call ‘Communitas’. In my experience, the most successful online […]