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  1. Sam Vaknin

    Wikipedia and me — Thank you for referring to my work and for a fascinating knol. I already referred to it the 26,000 members of my mailing lists.

    I have a long history with Wikipedia (and with Nupedia, its predecessor).

    See this essay:


    More about narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage here:


    Take care and thank you again.


    • Barry Kort

      In addition to Sam Vaknin’s comprehensive treatment of the subject of narcissistic injury and narcissistic rage, I now direct your attention to this insightful discussion from author and motivational speaker, Elfreda Pretorious:

      Are you in the claws of a narcissist?

  2. Aimee Yermish, PsyD

    There is a huge difference between narcissistic injury and narcissistic PD. I do not suggest going to Wikipedia for information on psychology — the anti-expert bias of the culture plays very badly with that field.

  3. Monotreme

    It’s the same with my chosen field of neuroscience, Aimee. Barry is correct that subject matter experts are not welcome, but one of the things that makes one an effective subject matter expert is being able to explain things in a clear and logical fashion.

    In my experience, Wikipedia technical articles in my field are not wrong, but they’re not right either.

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