Building and Managing Personal Trust Networks

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One of the features of the Information Age and Social Networks is the rising importance of Trust Networks.

What is a Trust Network?

It’s a network of individuals, organizations, and agents that one confidently feels they can unconditionally trust to be honest, reliable, ethical, constructive, pro-social, and responsive.

Adding or removing individuals, organizations, or agents in a Trust Network is not an easy process. I tend to be cautious in adding new members to my personal Trust Network, and reluctant to summarily dismiss or remove an existing member.

I value mutual trust and mutual respect. And I lament episodes where mutual trust and mutual respect are eroded in an unexpected, surprising, disappointing, inscrutable, heartbreaking, or inexplicable manner.

A few years ago, I wrote this blog post about the principal considerations in building and managing a Trust Network.

The academic name of this subject is FaceWork Theory.

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  1. Todd Boyle

    Back in the dotcom era I worked for companies developing webledgers, and it was widely recognized that if we were EVER going to do business over the Internet, we needed reliable systems for Identifying who we were connected with (the person, not only the device). We needed systems for determining their reliability, creditworthiness, etc. The BAMs [Brick and Mortar] were determined we never get those, and to this day they have succeeded. Whether by technical means (ensuring no un-hackable device ever gets loose in the ecosystem) or ultimately by legal means (shutting down anything that allows conveyance of value, money, gold, etc.). Anyway, I ended up with a conclusion that webledgers could be P2P having no central settlement host, by using mutual AR/ APs and was part of several workgroups at the time..oh welll… too much history.

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