Building and Managing Personal Trust Networks

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One of the features of the Information Age and Social Networks is the rising importance of Trust Networks.

What is a Trust Network?

It’s a network of individuals, organizations, and agents that one confidently feels they can unconditionally trust to be honest, reliable, ethical, constructive, pro-social, and responsive.

Adding or removing individuals, organizations, or agents in a Trust Network is not an easy process. I tend to be cautious in adding new members to my personal Trust Network, and reluctant to summarily dismiss or remove an existing member.

I value mutual trust and mutual respect. And I lament episodes where mutual trust and mutual respect are eroded in an unexpected, surprising, disappointing, inscrutable, heartbreaking, or inexplicable manner.

A few years ago, I wrote this blog post about the principal considerations in building and managing a Trust Network.

The academic name of this subject is FaceWork Theory.

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