Integrated Systems and the Phenomenon of System Disintegration

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In Psychology, there is a diagnosis known as Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is the new name for Multiple Personality Disorder.

The lay public often conflates Dissociative Identity Disorder with aspects of Schizophrenia and/or Schizoid Personality Disorder.

In Schizophrenia, one may be affected by disorganized thinking associated with unexamined and/or erroneous beliefs (e.g. imaginative anxiety-driven beliefs about a potential rival or adversary).

In the Schizoid Personality, one voluntarily withdraws and detaches from otherwise collegial and congenial social interactions because of unregulated Anger Management issues.

Missing PieceWhen one has a well-integrated personal identity and an erratic (perhaps toxic) culture abruptly and inexplicably outlaws or ostracizes some essential component part of one’s being, one is compelled to split off that part of their personal identity and sequester it away, as that part of one’s self is now deemed and adjudged “sub-persona non gratis” within that restrictive cultural milieu.

So what does one do? In the Arts, we have the therapeutic option of resurrecting the sublimated part of one’s self that has been rejected by the Sternly Disapproving GateKeepers, and sneak it back in, via the Gleefully Subversive Creative Arts.

But what of those who are not comfortable availing themselves of the Creative Arts?

If one has no talent in the Arts, one is stuck with a Dis-Integrated Personal Identity: Dissociative Identity Disorder, possibly with aspects of Schizophrenia and/or Schizoid Personality.

That’s one of the reasons I have made a personal practice of modeling the re-integration of one’s full-fledged identity via the Whimsical Arts.

Alas, many people demonstrate no comparable talent, thus becoming tragically boxed in by their own lack of avenues for creative expression. And so the boxed-in sub-components of one’s native personality inevitably leak out via a characteristic and recurring pattern of unplanned behaviors. One might call it Inadvertent Jerkitude.

But just as Jerk is the name of the 3rd Time-Derivative in Newton’s Calculus, the 4th Time-Derivative is known as Jounce (also called Snap, Rebounding, Resilience, Gamboling, Pronking).

‘Jounce’ means to Jump and Bounce back. Hence Jouncing into the Arts: Jouncing instead of Jousting. Doug Hofstadter called it Jootsing: Jumping Out Of The System.

I like to Snap Back with Whimsical Sarcastic Biting Humor. That’s why I especially love Andy Borowitiz, for example. I consider him a National Treasure.

So that would amount to instantiating the 4th Time-Derivative: Gleefully Bouncing Back (instead of tragically slamming into a brick wall and falling to pieces like a forlorn Patsy Cline).

Hence via Poetry Slams, Stand-Up Comedy, and the Bardic Arts, we artfully transform Trauma into Creative and Amusing Theatrical Drama.

(Or, in my life, Shreklisch Drama, as the case may be.)

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